Need for a Permanent Solution

This week it took me almost three quarters of an hour to drive from home to University. It’s a relatively short distance from home to University but the high levels of humidity ruled out walking altogether. Cycling is not an option either as it’s too dangerous.

The only option, public transport, is one I often take but generally to places where parking is quite impossible. Public transport has improved but is still not dependable enough to be used at all times.

Congestion on our narrow roads is nothing new. And neither is it restricted to Maltese roads. I still maintain that our congestion levels are comparable with those in major cities in the EU or Britain. What is worrying from our perspective is that the number of cars being sold is in relative terms at the same levels as cities like Mexico City and Beijing.

If road capacity in Mexico and China can’t cope with the increase in the number of cars, how could a country the size of Reading in UK cope with the ever-increasing numbers of cars? They can’t and though projects such as the Kappara junction could ease somewhat the level of congestion, it doesn’t provide a permanent solution.

That’s why we need to seriously consider an alternative land-based alternative working side by side with public transport which I maintain has to be part of the solution. I shall come to this is my next blog.