Why Project Aegle?

Building on the vision of the Group the project seeks to foster social innovation to advance quality of life and promotes sustainable development in Malta


Who is Project Aegle?

As already stated Project Aegle is affiliated with Debono Group. However there are also a mix of collaborators hailing from different backgrounds such as academia and business. This project also includes the ideas and solutions of people from civil society at large as it is interested in hearing diverse opinions and thoughts about the issue.


Our Activities:

Entail these 3 crucial points:

  • Innovation – Project Aegle works on innovative ideas.
  • Sustainability – The need to create sustainable solutions.
  • Care – The love for Malta and the need to improve the Maltese roads which will eventually lead to a better quality of life.


Some of the work carried out by Project Aegle includes:

1. Workshops and meetings with the team of collaborators together with experts in the field.

2. Keeping in contact with institutions, the public and businesses for feedback, opportunities and sponsorship.

3. The regular up keeping of our social media page and our blog to educate, to enhance public participation and to generate interest and discussions on various aspects of the traffic problem in Malta.

4. Build awareness on sustainable trends of alternative modes of transport through questionnaires that will eventually lead to pilot projects regarding a better, free flowing mobility around the Maltese islands.

5. The collection and comparison of data, innovative ideas and behavioral changes on local traffic conditions together with the formulation of proposals/public releases which could aid to lessen the current problems.

6. Media Coverage: this includes press releases, newspaper articles both online and offline and interviews.

7. Funding partners: although we aim to occur as little costs as possible the Project needs support which isn’t always specifically monetary. Participation in our questionnaires, projects and ideas can be support too.