Our plan:

The aim of the project is to provide a platform for collaboration for generation of ideas that would result in improved mobility within Malta, particularly through sustainable transport systems. We envision a future with improved transportation and mobility options that would contribute to better health, increased well-being, a reduced impact on the environment and a stronger economy.

Through our actions we focus on increasing awareness of the unsustainable trends of transportation in Malta and disseminating information on how a shift towards better mobility and improved quality of life could be achieved.

We also value the contribution of the public and believe that such participation and involvement of society would help us in attaining our vision.  


Our activities:

In promoting sustainable mobility Project Aegle aims to bring together experts in the field to discuss the issues that our current transport situation faces and to provide new ideas on how these issues could be resolved. In this regard the work carried out by Project Aegle includes:

  1. Workshops and meetings with a team of collaborators and experts in the field
  2. Regular keeping up of a blog that would generate interest and discussion on various aspects of sustainable mobility
  3. Building awareness of the unsustainable trends of the local transport situation
  4. Enhancing public participation through social media
  5. Promoting and sustaining innovative ideas and behavioural changes that can contribute towards better mobility
  6. Collection and collation of data on local traffic conditions and formulation of proposals which could aid to alleviate the current problems.